Yumezora (Dream Sky Train)

This is a special train on the Hokuhoku Line.

It operates only on Sundays in the Niigata prefecture and runs between Naoetsu station and Echigo Yuzawa station.

We boarded this train by chance as we were on our way to Yuzawa for skiing and were travelling from Naoetsu to Echigo Yuzawa on a Sunday.

This is train only has 2 carriages and is recognizable by this sign near the train door on the outside.

We didn’t even know this was a special train when we boarded and were surprised once we entered a tunnel.
Every time the train enters a tunnel, the show starts on the ceiling of the train.
There are 5 different themes, namely fireworks, sky, ocean, zodiacs and space.
These animations are projected on the ceiling and it is refreshing and keeps us entertained for a large part of the journey.

Note that only 1 carriage will have this show. In the direction of Naoetsu to Echigo Yuzawa, the show is in the back carriage.
In the other direction from Echigo Yuzawa to Naoetsu, the show is in the front carriage.
Be sure to board the right carriage if you want to catch the show!

Throughout the journey, there are 5 tunnels, which means 5 shows in total.
If you take the train from the first to the last stop, you will be able to catch all 5 of them.
Each show lasts between 3 to 5 minutes.

If you happen to be travelling in this part of Japan on a Sunday, try to catch this.

More information available on their website here.

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