Travel Insurance

Whenever we travel, it is highly recommended to get travel insurance.

Other than insurance against losses or trip disruptions, in case of urgent medical assistance required while overseas, the medical bills could run up to a large amount and getting the right cover ensures that you get the appropriate medical care required. It is worth paying a small premium to insure against these events to get a peace of mind while travelling. Moreover, insurance companies usually run promotions offering steep discounts for travel plans!

Many people tend to buy travel insurance just before they depart for their trip.

However, we should always try to get it as early as possible once everything is booked. This is because in case of any unforeseen circumstances before the trip that results in postponement or cancellation, there is a possibility that insurance claims can be made for insured events (up to 60 days before departure for most insurers).

There are many choices out there when it comes to travel insurance and many a times, we just go for the cheapest out there.

For trips to Japan, there is one company that you may want to consider.

Sompo’s TravelJoy* travel insurance has a plan “GO Japan” specially tailored for travel to Japan.

The plan allows for cashless service at many clinics and hospitals in Japan. If medical assistance is required, you just need to call a hotline and the English/Chinese speaking officer will assist in finding the nearest medical provider relevant to your medical condition. No payment is required as the insurer will settle directly with the medical provider.

There is also free interpretation service over the phone for situations like ordering food in restaurant, lodging police report, making purchases, etc. (overseas phone charges will be borne by the insured).

*This plan is only available for trips originating out of certain countries. Please check your local Sompo website.

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