About Us

Like most of you out there, we absolutely love travelling.

All of us travel for various reasons, to release stress, for change of environment, visit famous sites, experience culture, etc.

Apart from clearing checkpoints like visiting famous sites, we also enjoy new experiences getting immersed in new cultures and the local lifestyle, as well as getting involved in the local activities. We like the so-called experiential travel.

For most of us who live in the city, we want to get away from the norm when we travel, and we would like it to be full of Activities, Culture ,Therapeutic and Simple (ACTS), which is how TraacTs (short for Travel ACTS) came about to introduce nature, farms and alternative travel experiences to all.

I am sure most will agree that Japan is a beautiful country. We are a Singaporean-Japanese family and we travel there at least once a year, so this website is started with emphasis on Japan tourism, with perhaps more destinations to be added in the future. As we always travel with our kids, we will always look for places that offer some balance of appeal to both adults and kids. Of course, the occasional indulgence for adults only or kids only is inevitable. We tend to prefer the less touristy and lesser known places, but definitely not less in charm and culture. Japan’s beautiful nature is also a big attraction for many city dwellers like us. There are still lots of interesting places to uncover in Japan!

Hope this website will be of use to all and at the same time, help to improve tourism to the lesser known part of Japan and other parts of the world.

** The world is constantly changing so there may be some outdated information on this website.
We welcome any feedback on any updates, or if there is something you think would be good to put on this website, please feel free to contact us.